12 Best Rooftop Bars in Savannah (Plus Photos & Helpful Tips)

Visiting a rooftop bar or two (or three!) is one of the best things to do in Savannah. If you want drinks with a view, you have quite a few rooftop bars in Savannah to choose from.

We are frequent visitors to Savannah. Having a cocktail and a small plate of food while enjoying the view from a rooftop bar is one of our favorite things to here. We have visited many of these rooftop bars on multiple occasions, so we have lots of information and photos to share with you.

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Things to Know about the Rooftop Bars in Savannah

How Much Does It Cost to Visit a Rooftop Bar?

In general, the average cost for a cocktail is $15, although some rooftop bars can be cheaper or more expensive than this. A glass of wine ranges from $12 to $15 and the average cost for a beer is $10. Many rooftop bars have happy hour in the afternoons from Monday through Thursday when prices are a little cheaper.

Hours of Operation

Some rooftop bars open bright and early at 11 am and others don’t open until 4 pm or 6 pm. For each rooftop bar, we give the link to the official website, so you can check hours before you go.

Dress Code

Casual clothing is acceptable at all of the rooftop bars in Savannah.

Note: Many of these rooftop bars are located on top of hotels. You do not need to be a guest of these hotels in order to visit these rooftop bars in Savannah.

Best Rooftop Bars in Savannah: On a Map

Here is a map labeling the rooftop bars in Savannah. Most of them are located in the historic city center but several sit on the outskirts of town.

How to Use This Map: Click the icons on the map to get more information about each restaurant and rooftop bar. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

Best Rooftop Bars in Savannah

Below is information about the rooftop bars in Savannah. We also provide links to the official website so you can check hours. Many rooftop bars have different hours of operation based on the day of the week.

Myrtle & Rose

Where: Plant Riverside District
Website: plantriverside.com
Good to Know: This rooftop bar is adults only. If you are in town with kids or teens (anyone under 21), they will not be permitted at Myrtle & Rose

Myrtle & Rose

Myrtle & Rose is our favorite rooftop bar in Savannah. This very pretty rooftop bar has one of the best views of the Savannah River and the riverwalk area. It is located on the JW Marriott property in the Plant Riverside District.

The name Myrtle and Rose comes from the flowers worn in the crowns of the muses, which are symbols of femininity. You’ll see this reflected in the décor (soft drapes, pastel colors) and the cocktails (Ginger Lily, Blooming Bee, Elysian Breeze, just to name a few). In fact, they don’t even call it a rooftop bar. It is called a rooftop garden.

Myrtle & Rose is a beautiful hang out spot for a girl’s night out or for couples on a romantic weekend trip to Savannah.

At Myrtle & Rose, there is a covered bar area and an outdoor terrace, with small tables, sofas, and lounge chairs. And here’s a unique twist… you can play chess with the oversized chess pieces.

On the menu are small plates of food, cocktails, beer, and wine. My favorite drink on the menu is the Tropic Nectar. Rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, apricot juice and orange bitters are perfectly blended together to create a sweet, tropical drink.

And if a barge happens to cruise by while you are at Myrtle & Rose, you’ll have one of the best views of it in Savannah.

Cocktails and the charcuterie board at Myrtle & Rose


The view from Myrtle & Rose


The view from Myrtle & Rose at night

Electric Moon Skytop Lounge

Where: Plant Riverside District
Website: plantriverside.com

Electric Moon is also located in the Plant Riverside District, just a short walk from Myrtle & Rose.

This rooftop bar has both river views and views over the historic district of Savannah. There is an outside play area for kids and even a slide (great for adults once they have a drink or two).

Kids are permitted at Electric Moon during the daytime. At 6 pm, only those 21 and over can visit Electric Moon.

Our favorite thing on the menu is the Tuna Poke Tacos. There’s something for everyone on their list of creative cocktails and shareable plates that make a great snack or small meal.

Electric Moon Skytop Lounge


The view from Electric Moon Skytop Lounge


Electric Moon Skytop Lounge


Tim and Kara on the slide at Electric Moon Skytop Lounge

The Lost Square

Where: The Alida
Website: thelostsquare.com

From this rooftop bar in Savannah, you get 360° views over the riverfront and the historic city center.

The Lost Square is a casual rooftop bar with covered seating and an outdoor terrace with sofas and tables. Take your pick from their signature cocktails, beer, and wine list. They also serve small plates and a few main dishes, such as a tuna poke bowl and shrimp po boy.

The Lost Square


The view from the Lost Square

Rocks on the Roof

Where: Bohemian Hotel
Website: kesslercollection.com

Rocks on the Roof is located on top of the Bohemian Hotel. As you stroll along the riverfront, this is a great rooftop bar to pop into for a drink and a view.

There is a covered bar area with several TV’s broadcasting the day’s sporting events. From the outdoor terrace, you can look out over the river and historic downtown Savannah. Rocks on the Roof has one of the best views in Savannah, with a bird’s eye view over the Plant Riverside District.

Our favorite cocktail on the menu is the Vieux Riviere, their version of a Manhattan. If you need a bite to eat, they also sell appetizers and small sandwiches.

The view from Rocks on the Roof


Rocks on the Roof


Boho Board at Rocks on the Roof

The Peregrin at Perry Lane

Where: Perry Lane Hotel
Website: peregrinsavannah.com

The Peregrin at Perry Lane is one of the prettiest of the rooftop bars in Savannah. This upscale bar has an outdoor garden with covered tables and chairs.

From here, you get another nice view of Savannah from a rooftop bar. It is located closer to the city center, so you don’t get river views like several other rooftop bars on this list. From here, it’s more about looking out over the city.

Have a hand-crafted cocktail or try their Chatham Artillery Punch, a signature Savannah drink made with rum, brandy, whiskey, and prosecco.

The Peregrin


View from the Peregrin

Bar Julian

Where: Thompson Savannah Hotel
Website: barjulian.com

This upscale rooftop bar is located on top of the Thompson Savannah, a new hotel in town. It is located outside of the historic district, so from here, you get a great view of the entire historic district of Savannah.

In fact, I think it’s the best view that you get from a rooftop bar in Savannah.

Their crafted cocktails are some of the best in the city. With small plates, salad, and pizza, this is a great spot for dinner and drinks with a view.

Bar Julian


The view from Bar Julian

Top Deck

Where: The Cotton Sail Hotel
Website: topdeckbar.com

Top Deck is located on top of the Cotton Sail Hotel on the riverfront in Savannah. This rooftop bar has a nautical theme and from here you get one of the best views of the Savannah River and the riverfront. You look out over Rocks on the Roof towards the Plant Riverside District, so the view from here is awesome.

This restaurant has one of the longest menus of small plates, offering appetizers, salads, tacos, and sandwiches. Wash it down with their curated list of beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails.

If you visiting as a group, order a “table tower,” which is 88 ounces of mimosas or your choice of draft beer.

Top Deck


The view from Top Deck


Top Deck bar


Where: Churchill’s
Website: churchillsonbay.com

Churchill’s offers three levels of dining entertainment. The pub is on ground level and the wine cellar (Winston’s wine cellar) is located in the basement. Churchill’s rooftop bar is a small terrace located on the upper level.

Since you are just above street level, you will not get panoramic views of Savannah. But this is a casual, cozy spot, and with British pub food, Guinness, and seasonal cocktails, Churchill’s offers a different experience from many other rooftop bars on this list.

The drinks we had here were awesome and prices are cheaper than at the rooftop bars previously mentioned. If you want a good drink without a big price and don’t mind sacrificing the view, put Churchill’s on your list.

Churchill’s outdoor terrace


Drayton Hotel Rooftop

Where: Drayton Hotel
Website: thedraytonhotel.com

The Drayton Hotel Rooftop bar is one of the newest additions to the list. It is located on top of the Drayton Hotel, which is on Bay Street close to the waterfront.

From this rooftop bar, you get views of the Savannah River, the historic downtown, and one of the best views of the gold dome of City Hall. However, there is a relatively tall wall that surrounds the rooftop bar, which takes away from the view to some degree.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating. Like many other rooftop bars on this list, small plates, cocktails, beer, and wine are offered.

Drayton Hotel Rooftop Bar


Drayton Hotel Rooftop Bar

The Grove

Where: City Market
Website: thegrovesavannah.com
Good to Know: The Grove takes reservations, a good idea during weekends (use the link above)

This casual rooftop bar is located on the 3rd floor of the Grove restaurant. It may not be the loftiest rooftop bar in Savannah, but you do get a nice view over the City Market. And this is a great spot to come in, rest your feet, and have a drink, as you shop the boutique shops and galleries in this part of Savannah.

On the menu are southern inspired dishes, ranging from appetizers to salads to main courses. On a hot day, be sure to order the Champagne Pop, which is champagne paired with a King of Pops popsicle.

Like Churchill’s, prices are cheaper than at other rooftop bars in Savannah, but again, the view is just so-so.

The Grove is the white building on the corner.


The Grove Rooftop Bar


The Grove view

Sorry Charlie’s

Where: Ellis Square
Website: sorrycharlies.com

Sorry Charlie’s is an oyster bar that is located near the riverfront and a short walk from City Market. When asking other bartenders in Savannah for their favorite rooftop bar, Sorry Charlie’s was the top pick.

This is also one of the busiest rooftop bars that we visited in Savannah.

From this rooftop bar, you look out over Ellis Square and towards City Market, so it doesn’t have the sweeping views of the Savannah River like you get from some rooftop bars, but the view is still very nice.

The cocktails we had were fantastic and cheaper than many other rooftop bars in Savannah. On the menu is beer, wine, and cocktails as well as seafood, raw oysters, and a long list of salads and sandwiches.

Sorry Charlie’s rooftop bar


The view from Sorry Charlie’s


Cocktails at Sorry Charlie’s


Where: Victorian District (south of Forsyth Park)
Website: local11ten.com

Perch is located in the Victorian District, just south of Forsyth Park, so its location makes it a bit of an outlier from the other rooftop bars in Savannah. This small rooftop bar is nestled among the trees and forms a casual yet intimate meeting place for friends and couples.

Downstairs is the Local 11ten restaurant, an elegant restaurant that serves food with southern flavors using locally sourced ingredients. This restaurant received the Wine Spectator Best Award of Excellence in 2019.

Best Rooftop Bars in Savannah: Our Recommendations

Rooftop Bars with the Best View

Myrtle & Rose, Electric Moon, Rocks on the Roof and Top Deck have the best views of the Savannah River and the riverfront area. For a panoramic view of Savannah, go to Bar Julian.

Most Expensive Rooftop Bars in Savannah

Drinks are the most expensive at Myrtle & Rose, Electric Moon, and The Peregrin at Perry Lane.

Cheapest Rooftop Bars in Savannah

If you don’t want a big price tag for a drink, go to Sorry Charlie’s, The Grove, and Churchill’s.

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If you have any questions about the best rooftop bars in Savannah, or if you want to share your favorites, let us know in the comment section below.

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