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Becoming A Hair Transplant Surgeon In Sacramento California

Transplantation of hair is a surgical method of treating male pattern baldness involving the removal of the hair follicles of the patient from one part of the body (the donor area) to the affected area (recipient site). The grafted hair follicles come from areas of the patient’s body with high resistance to baldness. Hair transplant surgeons in Sacramento restore eyebrows, eyelashes, chest hair, beard hair and pubic hair, alongside regular head hair. So how does one become a hair restoration specialist?

Basic Requirements

In Sacramento, California, surgeons require a certificate in medicine and extensive training in dermatology. Hair Transplant HQ is a resource that goes into more detail about the various types of procedures available in Sacramento, found at The medical practitioner needs additional training in plastic surgery with specialisation in hair restoration procedures at a hands-on experience level under close supervision by a qualified senior transplant surgeon. People aspiring to become hair replacement surgeons require technical skills in surgery through training involving local anaesthesia instructions and emergency resuscitation and care.

Professional Boards and Experience

A hair transplant surgeon needs an affiliation with the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the professional board responsible for the field. The board regulates practices in Sacramento, however its certification does not guarantee the quality of service offered by the particular surgeon. Patients are cautioned to seek background information on the doctor before committing to a procedure. Other bodies include the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), a group reserved for only qualified practitioners. IAHRS is responsible for quality performance regulations of the medical practitioners through inspections of character, skills, and technique of practice.

The hair replacement surgeon must be a seasoned performer with many years of service. The experience should be extensive with a full handle of a variety of patients. Check out the Hair Transplant HQ Pearltrees page to get better idea of what else a qualified specialist should provide.

Any doctor aspiring to become a hair transplant expert must collaborate with a team of qualified experts in various fields related to hair transplantation. The team should handle the preparation of grafts before insertion. The team should also understand the reasons behind the hair loss and the possible remedies before the procedure. Members of the team need to have artistic skills to make the end result as natural as possible to restore the appearance of hair.

Hair Restoration Facilities

In Sacramento, surgeons require dermato-surgical facilities for performing the surgical services. The facilities should monitor and handle emergency cases mostly during the day. Members of staff need to be trained adequately to operate the different kinds of machinery involved in a safe and precautious manner. Also, the nursing staff needs to have proper exposure on the knowledge of causes of the various types of hair losses to investigate underlying causes such as thyroid deficiency and anemia without supervision to handle cases of emergency.


Any physician with the skills of a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon with specialization in hair transplantation can become a hair restoration specialist. The most underlying factor is the experience weighed by the number of cases handled and further training attained. Proper licensing and membership to professional bodies are recommendations besides obtaining quality support staff.

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